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For some of us, actuality affected to break home and assignment accidentally via video conferences was a acting abatement from our circadian commute. But for Jonathan Lee, Zoom was a activity changer. Lee, 28, is a paraplegic who uses walking aids to get around, and actuality able to await on video calls abundantly bargain the challenges complex in accepting to school. 

Amazon Fire TV Minecraft Gameplay - Minecraft Pocket Edition 10P
Amazon Fire TV Minecraft Gameplay – Minecraft Pocket Edition 10P | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire

It’s not aloof the abolishment of a drive that fabricated his activity easier. Aback he’s authoritative his way to classes, it’s absurd for Lee to airing and argument while arresting assimilate his crutches, and if he doesn’t accept a angle he can’t calmly authority his buzz up to allege either. Alike aback he has headphones on, Lee said today’s accent acceptance still isn’t authentic abundant to await on.

Full disclosure: Jonathan is my accessory who at the age of bristles absent the use of his legs due to arteriovenous malformation. He’s one of abounding bodies who tech companies generally balloon to anticipate about aback designing products. 

Lee isn’t abandoned in award our newfound assurance on Zoom a blessing. Howard A. Rosenblum, CEO of the National Association of the Deafened (NAD), said that in 2020, “one of the best important developments in accepted has been the admission in use of video conferencing platforms.” Rosenblum explained that, although best video conferencing platforms were “not absolutely attainable to deafened and adamantine of audition people” at the alpha of the pandemic, a cardinal of them accept fabricated changes aback to board both automated and professionally rendered captions, as able-bodied as absolution users pin specific callers (like assurance accent interpreters) on their screens. 


Rosenblum and others in the accessibility association accede that of all the video babble services, Zoom leads the way in authoritative its belvedere attainable for all to use. Clark Rachfal, administrator of advancement and authoritative diplomacy for the American Council of the Dark (ACB), said “Zoom has consistently been acceptable to use but this year it’s become a necessity.” He added that the ACB runs over 70 Zoom contest a ceremony that are hosted and led by associates who are dark and visually impaired. The software makes this attainable because the interface is clean, he said, and it’s attainable to cross with a awning reader. It additionally offers automated hotkeys and shortcuts, with accurately labeled buttons and menus. 

Though the industry has developed added across-the-board and attainable in contempo years, mistakes abide to be made. Twitter’s awkward accommodation this year to advertise a new Articulation Tweets affection afterwards captioning was bound criticized for abrogation out the deafened and adamantine of audition community. To its credit, the aggregation anon apologized and added transcriptions to the feature.  

But the beating aloft a added apropos question. “Twitter’s engineers are not bad bodies — but the abridgement of transcriptions from the get-go was acutely a assurance that the needs of disabled bodies don’t arise easily,” said Steven Aquino, a anchorman accoutrement accessibility in tech. “Do we absolutely accept anybody on Cheep has hearing?”

This year apparent the 30th ceremony of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and abounding of the bigger tech companies adapted their articles to advance accessibility. But the assignment to advance an across-the-board industry that doesn’t discount an underrepresented association is never done, and there are still areas that charge attention. The spectrum of affliction is wide-ranging, from visual, audition and accent impairments and concrete motor limitations to acquirements accouterments and added acoustic conditions, authoritative it difficult to awning every attainable scenario. But by absorption on tech’s advance in 2020, we can bigger appraise the mural and get a faculty of what needs improvement.


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In iOS 14, FaceTime will ascertain aback a actor in a accumulation alarm is application assurance accent and will accomplish that actuality prominent. 

iOS 14 additionally provides on-device alerts for sounds like alarms, apparatus chimes, doorbell rings and added accepted domiciliary audio cues.

With Magnifier and Bodies Detection, bodies who are dark or accept low eyes can accept their iPhones call people, altar and scenes as they arise in Magnifier’s viewfinder. With the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, you can additionally use the LiDAR sensor to ascertain if a actuality is abutting by and the buzz will use audible, beheld or haptic acknowledgment to let you apperceive how abreast the added affair is.

Back Tap launched this year in iOS 14  to accredit shortcuts by bifold or amateur borer the aback of an iPhone, which bodies with disabilities can use to barrage Magnifier or accessibility appearance added easily.

Almost all of the bodies with disabilities I batten to acclaimed Angel for its efforts in accessibility. “Apple was the aboriginal aggregation to absorb accessibility appearance not as an add-on or third-party bolt-on, but included in the OS,” Rachfal said. Aquino agrees. “Journalists and armchair analysts akin like to affront at Angel for ‘not innovating enough’ in their eyes, but accessibility is one key aspect of tech breadth they consistently innovate,” he said.

With the accession of the aboriginal iPhone in 2007, Angel accomplished a above admirers than above-mentioned phones. “Coming from cast phones with postage stamp-sized displays and T9 keyboards, it was like the Red Sea beggared aback I aboriginal played with an iPhone,” Aquino said. Actuality able to use blow to collaborate with such a ample (for the time) affectation was huge. “I wasn’t disturbing anymore to use my phone.” The appearance of apps additionally gave abounding bodies with disabilities an easier way to collaborate with contrarily brick-and-mortar businesses, a development that was spurred by Apple. 

The aggregation alien a gesture-based awning clairvoyant for iPhones alleged VoiceOver in 2009, enabling dark or low-vision users to be able to collaborate with a touchscreen. VoiceOver won assorted accessibility awards from the American Foundation for the Dark (AFB). According to a 2020 AFB analysis of abutting to 2,000 adults in the US who were dark or accept low vision, four out of bristles respondents use an iPhone. According to Sarah Herrlinger, arch administrator for all-around accessibility action & initiatives at Apple, VoiceOver “leveled the arena acreage like no technology afore it.”

There’s a lot added that Angel has done to accomplish it easier for bodies with disabilities to use its products. This year, though, it affiliated to assignment on appearance that were appear with iOS 14 and articles like the iPhone 12 band and Angel Watch Series 6.


Image credit: Engadget

Introduced a Braille keyboard in its TalkBack awning clairvoyant for Android, as able-bodied as updates to its Lookout app for the visually impaired.

Expanded Live Captions to calls and alien Sound Notifications for audition impaired.

Minecraft Game Transfer From a Kindle Fire to a Kindle Fire HD
Minecraft Game Transfer From a Kindle Fire to a Kindle Fire HD | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire

Improved the ChromeVox awning clairvoyant for Chrome OS, in accession to tweaks like the adeptness to change cursor color.

Partnered with Tobii Dynavox to accomplish the Abettor added attainable for bodies with accent impediments.

Launched Attending to Allege app to let bodies use their eyes to aces out phrases for their phones to allege out loud.

Google has fabricated so abounding updates and tweaks to its assorted accessibility accoutrement that it’s difficult to account them all. Considering the company’s all-inclusive ambit of products, including Android, Pixel, Chromebook, Nest, Search, Abettor and bulk of added categories, it’s not hasty that there’s abundant to be done. Aural Android alone, “there are so abounding things I could allocution about,” said Brian Kemler, artefact administrator for Android Accessibility. 

Software is Google’s forte, and the aggregation has fabricated several apps that about-face Android phones into advantageous accessories for bodies with disabilities. In 2018, it launched the Lookout app that lets those who are dark or accept low eyes use their phone’s camera to analyze altar about them and board appear notifications. The afterward year, Google created Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier to advice users who are deafened and adamantine of hearing. Later, the aggregation additionally launched Live Captions, which uses AI to auto-generate subtitles for any audio arena on an Android accessory (as against to Live Transcribe, which deals with sounds in the absolute world). Not to mention, the company’s TalkBack awning clairvoyant and About-face Admission accept been attainable for years. The closing allows those with advancement impairments to cross and collaborate with their tablets application added ascribe methods

This year, Google affiliated to aggrandize and amend those tools, abacus new appearance to Lookout while bringing Live Captions to calls (after accession out a way to abode issues of consent). It didn’t aloof accomplish announcements during accessibility-themed months or days, either — the updates kept advancing all through 2020. 

Highlights board the accession of a Braille keyboard in TalkBack and a new Sound Notification apparatus that listens for specific noises to active deafened or adamantine of audition users to important situations. In December, it additionally appear a Attending to Allege app that lets bodies use their eyes to baddest preset phrases for their phones to say out loud.

Outside of Android, Google additionally fabricated updates to Chrome OS like alms the adeptness to change cursor blush for bigger visibility, as able-bodied as improvements to the ChromeVox awning reader. There’s additionally the Assistant, which is attainable not aloof on phones but additionally the company’s acute speakers, displays and earbuds. Google began to abode the adversity for bodies with accent accouterments in interacting with the Abettor by partnering with Tobii Dynavox to accomplish the abettor added accessible. 

Beyond its capital products, Google additionally works with third-parties like Gallaudet University and Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a New York-based academy for adviser dogs. This year, Guiding Eyes CEO and admiral Thomas Panek was able to run a 5K avenue in Central Park on his own afterwards a dog. Instead, he acclimated an app his aggregation developed with Google’s advice alleged Project Guideline. It uses apparatus acquirements to analyze a band corrective on the attic and delivers audio acknowledgment to advice visually broken runners break on track. The app is still in development, but Panek told Engadget the technology is “a moonshot for mobility.”


Image credit: Engadget

In May, the aggregation appear a “playbook” of how it’s been managing accessibility for the aftermost bristles years, forth with its first-ever abode on its affliction representation in October. 

Partnered with Aggregation Gleason on Project Insight to actualize an attainable dataset of pictures of bodies with ALS, which can advice in the development of bigger accoutrement for eye or facial ascendancy of devices. 

It affiliated to assignment on AI-generated captions in agreement of accurateness and availability.

The Xbox Series S and X alien in boxes that bodies with disabilities would be able to attainable on their own afterwards advice from accession else. The consoles additionally had concrete nubs on the ports for those who are dark or accept low eyes to be able to analyze them.

Microsoft has been about best than all the companies on this list, and artlessly has had a lot added to accord to accessibility in tech. Some of Microsoft’s best across-the-board appearance date aback to the aboriginal canicule of MS Paint or Word. Plus, Microsoft’s ambit is additionally adequately broad, encompassing not aloof its software articles like Office apps and the Windows OS, but additionally Surface accessories as able-bodied as Xbox consoles and accessories. It makes sense, then, that the company’s 8-year-old accessibility aggregation has hundreds of associates advance above the absolute organization. 

Microsoft’s arch accessibility administrator Jenny Lay-Flurrie describes her aggregation as operating in a array of hub and batten model, breadth alone associates are anchored in assorted artefact teams above the aggregation to acquaint the architecture process. 

The Xbox Adaptive Controller fabricated after-effects in 2018 because it approved a connected behind acceptance of the needs of gamers with disabilities. There are additionally examples of added accouterments appearance like concrete nubs on keyboards and consoles over the years. But Lay-Flurrie wants to admonish us of the accent of inclusivity in agenda accessibility. She accent the Accessibility Checker apparatus that’s been attainable in Office apps like Word and PowerPoint aback 2010. It allows users to accomplish article like a spell analysis of their document, except for accessibility appearance like alt argument and caption, to accomplish abiding the files are “easy for bodies of all abilities to apprehend and edit.”

Early versions of the accessibility checker were adamantine to find, active beneath airheaded and settings. It additionally wasn’t as acute as it is today. “If you accumulate it active in the accomplishments it will highlight problems as they arise up and alternation you so ultimately you don’t accept to await on it,” Lay-Flurrie said, acknowledgment that a UI and AI amend in 2018 has abundantly bigger the tool.

She additionally acclaimed Microsoft’s immersive clairvoyant and Windows Eye Ascendancy as added important accoutrement that the aggregation has developed over the years to accomplish its articles easier for bodies with disabilities to use. Lay-Flurrie is additionally committed to cerebration as broadly about the accessibility spectrum as possible. “70 percent of disabilities are invisible,” she said, pointing to neurodiversity and brainy bloom issues as non-apparent and oft disregarded areas. Allotment of Microsoft’s all-around assortment and admittance efforts is its Autism Hiring Program, which uses Minecraft in its account action to appoint bodies with autism and acquiesce them to bigger advertise their strengths.

But as we all know, 2020 has been a agrarian year. “COVID has put a massive lens on accessibility,” Lay-Flurrie said. “It disproportionately impacted disability.” She said that her aggregation has apparent a cogent backpack in the use of all of its accessibility features, with her abutment aggregation seeing its cardinal of calls shoot up 300 percent breadth it charcoal today. Best of Microsoft’s focus on accessibility this year has been allowance these people, but Lay-Flurrie additionally said captioning and architecture a “durable ecosystem” accept been important in 2020. 

Though the aggregation has had AI-generated captions in the past, this year it focused on convalescent not aloof the accurateness of the transcriptions but additionally accretion breadth and how they were available. And to ensure that accessibility charcoal a antecedence for the alignment alike if she isn’t there to watch over the teams, Lay-Flurrie said this year she additionally paid absorption to “having the appropriate empowerment for advisers with disabilities.”

Install MCPE On The FireTV Stick - MrMM
Install MCPE On The FireTV Stick – MrMM | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire


Image credit: Amazon

Fire tablets acquired abutment for Braille displays and awning ascribe so bodies can blazon and apprehend braille on a affiliated braille affectation or blazon argument in braille anon on the tablet’s touchscreen.

Announced an affiliation amid Alexa and Voiceitt, a accent acceptance aggregation that’s allotment of the Alexa Fund portfolio, that would accomplish the abettor attainable by bodies with accent impairments.

Launched Alarm Captioning in US English on Echo Appearance devices, breadth Alexa displays argument of what the added affair is adage in abreast real-time during one-on-one Alexa video and audio calls and Drop In calls.

The added availability of Echo Frames this year accustomed added bodies to get hands-free admission to Alexa on the go.

Enabled About-face Admission on Fire tablets, admitting ambience it up may still crave abetment from accession actuality depending on the user’s motor ability.

Added a Argument Banner on Fire TVs that displays the appellation of items in focus and accompanying text, which can advice those with beheld impairments or attenuated fields of vision.

A Account Ruler was added to Kindle account apps to advice users advance concentration, while Alexa calls or Drop Ins were adapted with Absolute Time Argument to let bodies blazon argument instead of application their voice.

The best cogent affair Amazon did in 2020 was barrage its Alexa accessibility hub, which offers assets on how to acquisition and use Alexa Accessibility features. The aggregation additionally revamped its capital accessibility hub to accomplish it easier to acquisition all the accoutrement attainable to those with disabilities. 

Prior to this year, though, one of Amazon’s bigger contributions to accessibility was the bearing of Alexa six years ago. “Alexa wasn’t advised to accurately be acclimated by bodies who are dark or quadriplegics but it has been so transformative,” Rachfal said. 

According to Peter Korn, administrator of accessibility at Amazon’s analysis and development aggregation Lab126, Alexa “has become an acutely attainable apparatus acknowledgment to the adeptness of articulation technology, which is a accustomed interface for barter who are dark or low vision.” The voice-based alternation is additionally “incredibly able for barter with motor and advancement impairments,” Korn added. 

In accession to enabling these users to added calmly about-face on their lights or comedy article on their Fire TVs, for example, Alexa affiliation into added domiciliary items like a bake additionally makes it attainable for bodies to reheat aliment application aloof their voice. For users who are non-verbal, Amazon additionally added a “Tap to Alexa” affection that lets bodies allocution to the abettor by typing.

“Something that I’m decidedly appreciative of has been Amazon’s adeptness to accompany affordable accessibility appearance and advantageous technologies to bodies with disabilities,” Korn said, pointing to the $30 Fire TV stick as an example. 

Korn additionally alleged out the company’s above of attainable agreeable like bags of Prime Video titles with audio descriptions and hundreds of bags of those with bankrupt captions. Not to acknowledgment the added than 12 actor attainable Kindle books and hundreds of bags of Aural audio books. 

Christian Vogler agrees. He’s the administrator of the technology admission affairs at Gallaudet University, the alone college apprenticeship academy about with all programs and casework advised to board deafened and adamantine of audition students. Vogler believes “Amazon has formed actual adamantine to accomplish their articles accessible,” including authoritative commitments to captioning and audio anecdotic their video catalog. He acclaimed that “accessibility can be a bit asperous above altered devices,” though, pointing out that it took the Fire Book 8 a year to get Alexa captions afterwards the Echo Shows acquired this feature. 

Like the blow of the companies on this list, Amazon affiliated to absolution updates to advance the accessibility of its articles in 2020. In accession to the Alexa hub, the aggregation added appearance above its Fire TV, Kindle, Prime Video and Fire book products. Above 2020, though, Korn said “You can apprehend us to abide innovating on account of barter with disabilities.”

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Image credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images

In 2020, redesigned with bigger labeling and alignment for advantageous technologies like awning readers. It additionally added a Dark Mode for the desktop adaptation that can advice bodies with ablaze sensitivity.

Expanded automated captioning above ads and Pages to affection on Facebook Live, Abode Live and Instagram TV. 

Introduced a adviser on authoritative amusing media posts added attainable and committed to authoritative the React Native framework absolutely accessible.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Amazon Fire TV Let’s Play Part 10 | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire

Oculus alien a apartment of VR accessibility checks for developers.

Because it doesn’t accomplish phones or laptops, a lot of Facebook’s assignment in accessibility is accompanying to authoritative abiding its casework accede with or accomplish use of absolute tools. The aggregation alien automated photo description (or alt text) with AI that formed with awning readers to advice bodies who are dark or accept low eyes bigger accept what’s on display. It additionally has auto-generated captioning for ads and Pages in 16 languages, admitting it does arise off a little backer to alone accept this affection in those specific areas. The aggregation did accompany this affection to added genitalia of its ecosystem in 2020, though.

Facebook is additionally allotment of assorted associations meant to advance accessibility in the industry, like its Teach Admission Initiative and the XR Association for amenable development on VR and AR. Its accord in the Angel Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is accession way Facebook contributes to dialogues on practices above the web to ensure across-the-board design. 

This year, its best notable footfall appear convalescent the accessibility of its articles was redesigning The company’s new desktop armpit is meant to be faster and easier for those application a awning reader, and it adds a Dark Mode to aid users with ablaze sensitivity. It additionally appearance bigger descriptions for added on-screen elements like buttons and checkboxes, as able-bodied as revamped headings for bigger organization.

Elsewhere, the aggregation appear guides to advice users accomplish their posts added accessible, took the All-around Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) agreement and committed to authoritative its React Native adaptable framework accessible. The framework is acclimated to body articles like Marketplace and Facebook Dating, admitting it’s additionally acclimated by third-parties to actualize added iOS and Android apps. Oculus alien a apartment of VR accessibility checks to accomplish abiding agreeable in that average is attainable by bodies with disabilities.


Image credit: Engadget

Set up two accessibility-focused teams to focus on architecture a added across-the-board artefact and workspace. 

Submitting to third-party accessibility audits on new appearance like Fleets and Articulation Tweets and administering accessibility-focused user analysis studies. 

Enabled absence alt-text descriptions on photos and gifs for anybody on Cheep and continued the appearance absolute from 420 to 1000. 

It’s adamantine to get accomplished Twitter’s blooper with Articulation Tweets this year, but if you can, you ability feel added forgiving. “For all the analysis Cheep gets, their accessibility in accepted has consistently been good,” Aquino said. As one of the abate companies on this list, Cheep did not accept a academic accessibility aggregation above-mentioned to the Articulation Tweets debacle, and instead relied on volunteers aural its organization. The aggregation has aback accustomed its astringent blank in that account and formed two new teams to accomplish both its articles and abode added accessible.

“We accept we still accept a lot of assignment to do, so we’ve fabricated a charge to accomplish Cheep added across-the-board for the disabled community,” said Diana Macias, the company’s arch administrator for software engineering. “We are architecture an accessible-first culture,” she added.

Prior to this year, Macias said that Cheep had accustomed third affair accessibility audits above iOS, Android and web clients. It’s additionally added abutment for awning readers like VoiceOver and TalkBack, as able-bodied as braille displays, keyboard shortcuts and about-face ascendancy keyboards on iOS. 

Considering its accessibility teams were alone formally complete this year, it’s no abruptness that Cheep still has a lot to do. But Macias promises that its Experience Accessibility aggregation will “work anon with added teams to ensure we’re captivated answerable in anecdotic and bushing accessibility gaps throughout the artefact development lifecycle.”

Overall, the companies with bigger scopes did added to advance accessibility of their products, which makes sense. Because they aren’t as wide-ranging, Cheep and Facebook had beneath to appearance for their efforts on that front. But that doesn’t beggarly they can’t do bigger — both amusing networks accept massive ability and access the lives of billions of people. 

Beyond the six giants I focused on, there are still affluence of businesses in tech to consider. Abounding added companies additionally fabricated cogent improvements in agreement of accessibility in 2020. Rachfal acicular to Peloton amalgam Google’s Talkback into its articles as an archetype this year. Affluence of tech and tech-adjacent articles were additionally launched this year that anon abode issues of accessibility, like EnChroma’s glasses to advice balanced bodies see added hues, and assorted audition aids advised like wireless earbuds for easier use. 

On the added hand, there are far too abounding casework that charge to assignment harder. “Slack, Yelp, Lyft, Postmates and UberEats are a few (iOS apps) I use consistently that aren’t acceptable citizens aback it comes to accessibility,” Aquino said. “Their designs leave a lot to be adapted in an attainable context, and they don’t accept APIs like Dynamic Blazon to bout the user’s system-wide argument admeasurement setting.” It’s additionally all too attainable to discount things like packaging or bureaucracy processes aback designing a artefact to be accessible. Both Microsoft’s Lay-Flurrie and Google’s Kemler accent the accent of authoritative abiding that their articles can be acclimated out of the box and apart afterwards acute the abetment of accession actuality from the beginning. But not every aggregation considers this.

In some cases, absolute industries charge to attending added carefully at how they’re declining bodies with disabilities. “Healthcare companies still accept a connected way to go,” Rachfal said. While there has been a ample about-face appear modernizing basement as telehealth acceptance skyrocketed this year, “there are still companies out there that use aloof kiosks and touchscreen displays for their accommodating interactions,” he acicular out. This keeps a actuality with a affliction from actuality able to apart analysis in aback they access a dispensary or analytic lab, acceptation they’ll accept to ask a drifter to advice ample out claimed advice or delay for agents to appear to them. 

Even aural the branch of disability, there are assertive areas that get overlooked. Like Lay-Flurrie noted, abounding altitude aren’t anon attainable and tend to get neglected. She highlights brainy bloom as an breadth of focus affective forward, forth with added altitude on the neurodiversity spectrum. 

There’s additionally the affair of intersectionality in disabilities, according to Vogler. “The DeafBlind association is still actuality larboard out of abounding of the accessibility improvements and the conversations about them,” he said.

With so abundant to accede and such a ample scope, it can be alarming to amount out how best to access accessibility in tech. The acceptable account is, the industry collectively is added acquainted of the issues than ever. “Now It’s about like the companies get it finally,” Panek said. “They’re compassionate that they’re activity to alienate some of their users if they don’t anticipate about this stuff.”

Yes, mistakes may sometimes be made. But afraid abroad from a botheration is not the answer. Nor is cat-and-mouse till a after date in artefact architecture to accede if article is accessible. All the affliction advocates I batten with said it’s important for companies to assignment with groups like the NAD and the ACB. 

Minecraft for Fire TV
Minecraft for Fire TV | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire

“Have conversations with the broader community. Don’t accomplish assumptions,” Rachfal said. “The added companies are accommodating to accept that they don’t apperceive aggregate and accept these conversations,” he said, “problems in a lot of cases can be prevented afore they occur.” And aback articles are advised to be across-the-board from the start, they don’t aloof account specific groups of people. Generally appearance advised to advance accessibility are advantageous to a added admirers too. Aback we strive to advance the lives of people, about alcove their needs may seem, anybody stands to gain.

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Minecraft for Fire TV | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire
Minecraft for Fire TV
Minecraft for Fire TV | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire
Minecraft for Fire TV
Minecraft for Fire TV | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire
Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) on a Kindle Fire!? - Kindle Fire Screen  Record Test
Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) on a Kindle Fire!? – Kindle Fire Screen Record Test | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire
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Minecraft for Fire TV
Minecraft for Fire TV | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire
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Minecraft gameplay on Kindle Fire – YouTube | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire
Minecraft for Fire TV
Minecraft for Fire TV | Can You Put Minecraft On Amazon Fire

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