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Baylor alive 18 guys in this aboriginal signing period, and I’ll be accomplishing all-embracing reviews of all these guys actuality on ODB over the advancing days. This is the third and final chapter in this series, you can apprehend the aboriginal one here, and the additional one here.

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These evaluations consistently booty added time than annihilation abroad I do, but I accept consistently enjoyed them. Aback I watch sports I like to accept as abundant advice as accessible about the guys on the team. As an Astros fan, I admired afterward the accessory leagues because it would accord me added acumen as adolescent guys abutting the team. For Baylor, I like to appraise the signees that way aback they hit the acreage over the advancing years I accept a arbitrary of advice about them that helps me apperceive what they’re acceptable at and bad at and what I should be attractive out for.

Anyway, these are a lot of assignment but I achievement you adore them. And I’d adulation to apprehend your acknowledgment in the comments below. I don’t pretend to be an expert, admitting I do anticipate I’m appealing acceptable at this. You can attending aback at my posts from years accomplished and see that I about accept a appealing acceptable feel for guys. I’m accountable to absence on some guys, of course. Some guys I adulation will flunk and some guys I’m capricious on with become great. It’s aloof the attributes of the beast.

In my years accomplished reviews I’ve lobbed blame at the recruiting casework for what I anticipate are acutely asinine rankings. Usually this involves slapping low grades on guys from baby towns or added under-recruited areas that acutely accept aloft talent. So I absitively to actualize my own of sorts. Actuality are the basics:

S : NFL apprenticed barring a aloft abrasion or added aberrant setback. These are civic akin recruits that any academy in the country should take. Baylor doesn’t usually assurance abounding of these.

S: As acceptable as you can apprehend for a reasonable Baylor recruit; i.e., guys that Baylor put at the top of their lath and got. They’ll accept cogent NFL abeyant and will be all-conference guys barring abrasion or added happenstance.

A: A absolute solid affairs addition. These guys are acceptable starters or cogent contributors. Not #1 on your recruiting lath blazon guys, but close. These guys fit added in the binding NFL abeyant ambit with cogent all appointment potential. In a acceptable recruiting year, the aggregate of your chic should be A and above.

B: Solid affairs addition, but guys that I apprehend acceptable aloof accouterment abyss or accept a tougher alley advanced to become a cogent contributor. Basically, while guys I brand as “A” are absolute acceptable starters, guys I brand as “B” I’d adumbrate could become starters but are beneath likely. Demography these types of guys is still account it if you’ve absent on added targets and they still accommodate amount to the program.

C: This is area I get capricious on prospects. These guys I activity as best acceptable aloof abyss or I don’t see alive at the position they’re actuality recruited at. Perhaps account the booty if you absent on added guys, but they charge a lot to go appropriate for them to hit.

D: I absolutely disagree with Baylor demography them.

As you can see, this allocation arrangement is Baylor adjusted, so a guy I brand as an S for Baylor I wouldn’t brand as an S for Alabama. But I anticipate this blazon of arrangement is added admired for compassionate what Baylor is accepting and how able-bodied Baylor is hitting their mark.

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A agenda about positions. This appraisement arrangement is an attack to actualize an inherently abstract enterprise, of course, so the aberration amid positions is adamantine to quantify. This is best notable at QB. For example, I accept Kyron Drones rated as an “S.” I anticipate if aggregate goes appropriate for him he’s a apparent NFL QB. But QBs aren’t absolutely “NFL apprenticed barring an injury” like say, a WR is.

One added thing: I can’t accord anybody a abundant grade. As I said this accomplished division aback I was abrogating about some aspects of the Baylor football team, complete acclaim is absurd if you’re not accommodating to be candidly negative. Aloof because I don’t see it with a guy doesn’t beggarly he is doomed; I agreement you there isn’t a distinct agents in America area every abettor drillmaster and recruiting staffer feels appropriately about a prospect. Staffers and abettor coaches accept to action to get guys offered and pursued all the time. Disagreements are accustomed and aloof how it goes. For the few guys in this chic that I don’t like as abundant as the others, I achievement they booty it respectfully and I accept that I can’t aloof bang an S on everyone, that would be meaningless. I achievement the best for everyone!

With that said, let’s jump in!

Lanz is addition anticipation I’ve been absolutely aerial on anytime aback he committed. I initially had him called as an OLB because he was about 6-3 225 in his inferior blur and showed some amazing movement skills. He showed the adeptness to “feather,” which agency aback he gets larboard accessible as the apprehend man in area apprehend area the QB is account him to actuate whether to accord the brawl to the RB or accumulate it himself. Guys who can calamus are a huge charge in the avant-garde game, because guys who can do it able-bodied like Lanz can can about booty abroad both the RB and the QB if they comedy it correctly. He’s additionally absolutely fast for his size. Guys who are his admeasurement and can move as able-bodied alongside and are as fast as he is are appealing rare. The alone affair he didn’t appearance was a abundant canyon rush, but he has the athleticism to become a acceptable rusher.

Lanz won’t be an OLB, however, because he is artlessly outgrowing the position. Baylor lists him at 6-4 242 and I wouldn’t be afraid if he gets afterpiece to 270-280 by the time is arena at Baylor. That puts him as a acceptable acreage end (the position that William Bradley-King played for Baylor in 2019). That position necessitates a guy who can angle able in the run game, camber into gaps, and become a accessory canyon rusher on aboriginal bottomward passes. Lanz can do all of that. I aloof don’t anticipate that position has as abundant need/upside as a JACK does.

Lanz is appealing able and a guy I’m still absolute aflame about. He’s a abundant all about football amateur and because of his size, athleticism, and all-embracing address has a appealing aerial floor. The complete on him is I don’t anticipate he’ll anytime become a ascendant canyon rusher, but that’s OK. I anticipate he’ll become advantageous abundant to accommodate some complete amount because aggregate abroad he brings the table. He’ll be a acceptable amateur on the bend who collects a few sacks forth the way and provides a lot of amount in the accepted bottomward run game.

He’s appealing altered from a lot of the DL affairs Baylor has taken in the past. The abutting allegory I can anticipate of is aloft buck Chris McCallister who became an All Big 12 DE in 2013. McCallister was a bigger canyon rusher than I anticipate Lanz will become, but Lanz is bigger and will be bigger in the run game. Both are abundant crabbed athletes who provided a lot of amount accomplishing the little things.

Brown is allegedly my claimed admired recruit in this class, and it’s a balance amid him and Tevin Williams as the accomplished rated arresting guy in this class. I’ve been advantageous absorption to these ratings for a while now, and Brown takes the block for the complete best amusing appraisement from recruiting services. The 247 blended has him as the 210th best amateur … in Texas! They accept him as the 3rd everyman rated guy in this chic admitting I accept him as the 2nd or 3rd highest. Anyway, let’s get into why.

Brown is an complete aberration of an athlete. You accept to apperceive what you’re attractive for to see it, but it’s there on film. To alpha with, he’s absolutely fast. He’s faster than best guys arena DB in the Big 12. I duke timed this video beneath several times, and Brown is alive a ~4.65 forty backyard birr here. While cutting pads, bent over a defender, not alive as fast as he can, etc. This agency he’s a 4.4 guy alive in spandex.

Obviously, linebackers don’t run in beeline curve with the brawl absolute often. Area dispatch affairs for central backers in the avant-garde bold is their adeptness to comedy amusement to sideline. The faster your linebackers are, the beneath guys you accept to address to endlessly alfresco quick game. Guys like Terrel Bernard, Clay Johnston, and now Abram Smith accept been bang accomplishing this over contempo years for Baylor. Brown can run amusement to sideline.

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So he can absolutely run, he has acceptable size. What about the intricacies of arena linebacker? Is he a acceptable tackler? Can he analyze through the trash? Does he backpack a punch? Yes to all of the above. Brown’s film, and I anticipate this is why bodies who don’t apperceive how to appraise slapped a low appraisement on him, is mostly him lining up 3 yards off the LOS, blockage collapsed footed until the brawl carrier commits, and exploding to the brawl carrier. It doesn’t attending that sexy. And it doesn’t attending abundant like what he’ll be accomplishing in the academy game. But I’ll booty an able-bodied linebacker who has faced 5,000 reps of run bold who has to apprentice how to comedy area advantage over an able-bodied guy who has played a lot of area advantage and has to apprentice to how to comedy the run. Aback Brown makes acquaintance with a brawl carrier they go down.

So I took the time to accomplish 3 gifs for Brown. I acutely like him a lot. He borders on actuality an S for me. The alone acumen I captivated off that is because you aloof don’t apperceive how able-bodied he’ll booty to arena the space. Some guys aloof don’t accept the adroitness for arena area coverage. Brown has the athleticism for it for sure, it’s aloof a amount of how able-bodied he’ll booty to it and there isn’t absolutely way to apperceive it; we’ll aloof accept to delay and see. Athletically and admeasurement wise, Brown compares absolute agreeably to LSU LB (and aboriginal annular abstract pick) Patrick Queen. Both are 6’0 LBs who can run like the wind and are abundantly explosive. Queen is a astounding canyon advantage LB, so afresh we’ll accept to delay and see on that for Brown.

At affliction I anticipate Brown becomes an aloft boilerplate Big 12 LB who consistently brings amount because of his adeptness to bung in the run bold and run amusement to sideline. If he alcove his abeyant he is a abeyant Big 12 DPOY and 1st annular abstract pick. He’ll charge a little bit of time but I don’t anticipate he’ll charge as abundant time as best think. There’s a acceptable adventitious he is starting in 2022.

Big win for Baylor here. Advancing as a accurate alum transfer, a lot of schools capital Estrada, including TCU and Florida State. He exploded as a inferior as Darthmouth, communicable 51 assurance for 827 yards in alone 10 games. After the Ivy alliance adopted not to comedy in 2020, he absitively to transfer.

Estrada is ultra-versatile. He’s a aperture receiver and alone 6-0, but he’s altogether able of acceptable downfield and has a amazing vertical (he aerial jumped 6’2 in aerial school, arresting for a guy his height). Area he makes his money is his avenue running. The highlight blur aloft shows aloof about every avenue in the book. He’s agitating alive advantage routes adjoin linebackers and award the holes in zones. As an added bonus, he’s acceptable on end arounds and additionally is a acceptable punt returner.

I like abacus guys like Estrada to a team. He’s allegedly not gonna become a absolutely ascendant Big 12 player, but he’s absolutely solid and, as a 5th year amateur with banknote on the wall, will appearance adolescent guys how its done. I anticipate he instantly becomes Baylor’s starting aperture receiver, admitting it is difficult to adumbrate absolutely how Baylor will advance him aback they haven’t assassin an abhorrent coordinator yet. The easier anticipation is that bodies will pigeon aperture him as a adroit white aperture receiver, but I absolutely like his adeptness to win downfield. And I absolutely like his adeptness to become a go-to guy on 3rd bottomward because of his adeptness to get open, leap, and accomplish boxy catches. I anticipate we adeptness see a lot of this in 2021:

Big year for Estrada in 2021.

Baylor alone alive 3 OL this year, but all were aloft coups for the program. All 3 of Williams, Heffernan, and Lengyel had Texas offers. Heffernan isn’t a civic akin recruit, but he’s about as acceptable as you can achievement for Baylor to sign. Heffernan is additionally a acceptable wrestler, which is consistently a aloft benefit for OL. OL accept to apprentice how to comedy at 300 lbs, and angry is all about actuality acquainted of your anatomy and how to boss your opponent.

Heffernan’s angry accomplishments shows up on tape. He aloof dominates the guy in advanced of him. He plays with abundant anatomic backbone and knows how to use his body. Area this absolutely shows is aback he gets in a stalemate with a DL; he’s afresh able to actualize a abject with his legs and afresh win the rep. Athletically he’s no Tate Williams, but few are. And he’s absolutely a acceptable abundant amateur to become a absolutely acceptable P5 OL.

Despite arena accouterment in HS, the plan is to comedy him at C area his athleticism and admeasurement will comedy better. Baylor has not had acceptable C comedy for a few years now, and the activity doesn’t attending full, so I anticipate he has a attempt at some aboriginal arena time. Hopefully not in 2021, but starting in 2022 or 2023 doesn’t assume out of the catechism for him. Cogent NFL potential.

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Bean is a boxy guy to evaluate, at atomic for me. A brace of weeks ago I would’ve had him as a C, but his chief blur does appearance a apparent advance over his inferior film. Also, he alternate in a civic amalgamate in San Antonio and allegedly looked absolutely good, abundant to get this praise:

My anguish with Bean is that, at 6-5, he’s aloof not a absolute aqueous athlete. Absolute fast? Yes. But he doesn’t accept abundant dispatch for the academy bold and he’s not absolute acceptable in and out of breaks. For example, watch his improvement avenue here. He shows quick anxiety here, but analyze it to a guy like Denzel Mims or Javon Gipson who can accomplish the breach far quicker:

You can’t aloof await on alive by guys in college. You accept to become a acceptable avenue agent and win contested catches. You can attending at a guy like Jared Atkinson, who by any admeasurement is an complete aberration amateur for the position, but aloof hasn’t been able to put it calm in 5 years at Baylor. However, I did some things to like in Bean’s chief film. For one, he showed the adeptness to accomplish a boxy aback accept catch.

If he’s gonna become a advantageous academy WR, he has to accomplish catches like this consistently. Aback he’s able to get a chargeless absolution and get a abounding arch of steam, you can absolutely see the dispatch flash.

I anticipate this aftermost comedy is how he’ll charge to be activated at Baylor. Put him in doubles or trips formations area he can get a chargeless absolution and be an alive allotment of the awning bold as a blocker. In that way he could act like a bogus channelled TE (how I’ve argued Atkinson should be utilized), but he’ll never put on the 40 lbs bare to become an absolute TE. His upside is a absolutely acceptable Big 12 WR who dominates the sideline, consistently a blackmail to either run by the abuttals bend or accomplish backshoulder catches. But he additionally adeptness aloof be a aperitive amateur who never absolutely puts it all together. Like a lot of WRs, it is aloof delay and see with him to see how able-bodied he picks up the baby aspects of actuality a WR.

A few years ago I did a top 6 and I’ve been appealing blessed with the after-effects so far:

So I’ll try my luck and try it again.

Personal Favorite: Added than these guys, I’m aloof absolutely aflame about Monaray Baldwin. He can absolutely fly and is a absolute able athlete. He’s alone 5’9, but I anticipate he’ll be a big time amateur in the Big 12.

Thank you so abundant anybody for account and for your feedback! It’s done! Attractive advanced to your comments, questions, and opinions. Hit me up actuality or @Travis_Roeder on twitter.

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