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Konglish (콩글리쉬) encompasses loanwords adopted from English, but are accounting and arresting in Korean. These words are usually abbreviations of English words and phrases, but don’t necessarily backpack the aforementioned acceptation as their English counterparts.

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We’ve aggregate 41 frequently acclimated Konglish words that will akin up your Korean abilities and save you from awkward yourself in advanced of your Korean friends. 

Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Hwa-it-ting and pa-it-ting are accepted Konglish words generally acclimated in accustomed situations. The Konglish appellation agency “all the best” or “good luck”, and is acclimated to acclamation addition on. Because it is acquired from the English chat “fighting”, it can be calmly blurred as aggravating to aces a activity aback acclimated alfresco of Korea. 

SNS, arresting as eh-seu-en-eh-seu, is an acronym of the appellation “social networking service”. The Konglish appellation refers to amusing media in general.

Ah-ee-syo-ping is an amalgamation of “eye” and “shopping”. In added words, “eye shopping” refers to “window shopping” – arcade with your eyes.

Image credit: JTBC Drama

When you booze in a accumulation in Korea, there’s apprenticed to be one actuality babble “won-syat” in an attack to get addition to bottomward their cup of booze in, well, one shot. Besides soju, won-syat can additionally be acclimated aback bubbler added types of alcoholic beverages, such as beer or makgeolli.

The aboriginal affair that comes to apperception aback we apprehend no-teu-buk – acquired from “notebook” – is a baby book with bare or disqualified pages. However, the Konglish appellation absolutely refers to laptops. Actual notebooks, on the added hand, are alleged 공책 (gong-chaek) in Korean.

Mo-ning-kol, or morning call, is a wake-up anxiety you get in the morning. The Konglish appellation is frequently acclimated in hotels area you can align for addition from the advanced board to be your animal anxiety clock.

Image credit: JTBC Drama

You’ll rarely apprehend anyone adage “let’s booty a selfie” in Korea because selfies are bigger accepted as sel-ka in Konglish. It is an abridgement of the words “self” and “camera”. This appellation is additionally a argot chat frequently acclimated amid youths.

In English-speaking K-pop and K-drama communities, sel-ka is usually spelt as “selca”.

Eon-taek-teu combines the English prefix “un” and the chat “contact” to anatomy “untact”. It agency “zero contact” or “contactless”, and describes situations area there is no concrete contact. The appellation emerged in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To barrier the advance of the virus, bodies started to appoint in added “untact” activities, such as accessory online workshops and accomplishing online shopping. Even K-pop idols accept confused their interactions with admirers to the agenda branch by captivation online fan affairs and accommodating in online concerts such as the 2020 SUPER ON:TACT concert.

Image credit: JTBC Drama

Seu-kin-ship is a Konglish appellation that combines the words “skin” and “relationship”. It refers to concrete acquaintance or actuality physically abutting to someone. Aback couples put up a accessible affectation of amore (PDA), they can be declared as agreeable in too abundant “skinship”. 

The chat “meeting” refers to the “gathering of 2 or added people” in English, but the Konglish appellation agency article added than that. Affair refers to 3-on-3 accumulation dates, usually set up by 2 bodies of differing genders. 

This is altered from 소개팅 (so-gae-ting; blind date), which is area 2 strangers accommodated in a somewhat academic setting. A affair is meant to advice brace one’s accompany up in a accidental manner. 

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12+ Trends Ideas Cute Zero Two – Lee Dii | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea

Heon-ting is acquired from the English chat “hunting”. But instead of hunting animals, the Konglish appellation refers to the act of hitting on addition or aggravating to aces them up. 

In Korea, there are hunting confined (헌팅포차) area singles can appointment to accommodated addition new. 

Image credit: @onechic0206

If you’re arcade in Korea and allegation a bag to backpack your purchases, don’t bother allurement for a “plastic bag”. In Korea, artificial accoutrements are accepted as bi-nil-baek or “vinyl bag” in English. Some bodies additionally use 비닐 봉투 (bi-nil-bong-tu), which agency the aforementioned thing. 

As best shops are appetite to become added eco-friendly and allegation a baby bulk for artificial bags, we acclaim you to accompany an eco-bag (에코백, eh-ko-baek) forth aback arcade in Korea.

The English chat “sense” refers to the adeptness to ascertain something. Similarly, in Konglish, sen-seu refers to addition who can apprehend situations able-bodied and act appropriately. Another chat that carries a agnate acceptation is 눈치 (nun-chi).

In English, “mental” refers to affairs accompanying to the mind. On the added hand, the Konglish appellation men-tal accurately refers to one’s mentality or attitude appear something. 

Image credit: @rascal_____0

If there’s a paradise for chargeless stuff, it’s got to be Korea. Shops and restaurants in Korea are acceptable aback it comes to giving out freebies to addition chump loyalty. The Konglish appellation that describes this is seo-bi-seu, which comes from the chat “service”.

Restaurant owners generally say “서비스 입니다” (seo-bi-seu-im-ni-da) as they abode a ancillary bowl you didn’t adjustment on your table. Don’t agitation – it’s free. Besides accepting dishes on the house, you can additionally get account at retail shops in the anatomy of chargeless ability and samples.

Another Konglish appellation you’d frequently see and apprehend at Korean restaurants is sel-peu, which comes from the chat “self”. It is an abridgement of “self-service” and is acclimated in eateries area you accept to advice yourself to water, ancillary dishes, and cutlery. 

While kon-sen-teu sounds like “consent”, it does not beggarly annihilation like that. The Konglish appellation is absolutely acquired from the abbreviate anatomy of “concentric electric outlet”. It refers to a ability atrium or electrical outlet. Another Konglish appellation carefully accompanying to kon-sen-teu is 멀티탭 (meol-ti-taeb, multi-tab), which agency “extension cord”. 

Image credit: @kbs_gagconcert

Gae-geu-maen absolutely agency “ gagman”. Here, the chat “gag” is acclimated to beggarly “joke”, rather than “vomiting” or “silencing someone”. The gender-neutral Konglish appellation refers to comedians.

A/S is arresting as ae-ee-eh-seu and stands for “after service”. It refers to aftersales chump service. If your articles go on the fritz while they’re still beneath warranty, you’d booty it to an A/S센터 (ae-ee-eh-seu-sen-tor; after-service centre) to get them repaired.

This is acquired from the appellation “big size” in English, and it’s acclimated to accredit to plus-size clothing. Best apart endemic accouterment food in Korea alone backpack accepted sizes – S, M, and L – or chargeless admeasurement clothing. If you’re arcade for additional admeasurement accouterment in Korea, attending out for signs with 빅 사이즈 (bik-sa-ee-jeu) on it.

Image credit: JTBC Drama

No-dab is a aggregate of the English chat “no” and the Korean chat “대답” (dae-dab; reply).  It is acclimated in scenarios area addition doesn’t acknowledge to your text. The Konglish chat 노 (no) can additionally be acclimated in advanced of added verbs to beggarly the abrogating aftereffect of something. 

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For example, Sam Kim’s song, NO눈치 (nun-chi) refers to addition who has poor situational awareness. 

Haen-deul is acquired from the English chat “handle”. Contrary to its English definition, the Konglish appellation accurately agency “steering wheel”. A aperture handle, on the added hand, is alleged a 손잡이 (son-jab-ee), which translates to “something that you can authority onto”. 

Won-pi-seu is absolutely like what it sounds like – “one piece”. And no, it does not accredit to the accepted anime. The appellation refers to dresses. Online Korean arcade sites will accept a class alleged 원피스 (won-pi-seu), area you’d acquisition a advanced ambit of dresses, from mini dresses to best dresses.

Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Because maen-tu-maen sounds like the English byword “man to man”, it can be afield interpreted as heart-to-heart conversations amid men. 

The Konglish appellation absolutely refers to sweatshirts or aggregation close shirts. The agent of this appellation is disputed, but one accepted account is that it came from sweatshirt-wearing athletes who would face anniversary added – man to man – while abating up.

Ga-geul comes from the English chat “gargle”, which is the activity of rinsing one’s mouth. It’s additionally acclimated to accredit to the aqueous you use for gargling.

In Korea, the Konglish appellation alone refers to mouthwashes. Aback you go into a drugstore, you’ll generally acquisition mouthwash labelled as 가글 (ga-geul).

The appellation bon-deu is acquired from “bond” in English, but agency “glue” in Konglish. Because cement helps to bandage things together, Koreans accept adopted the chat to accredit to glue.

Image credit: KBS 드라마

An oh-peun-ka, or “open car”, is a actual accurate way of anecdotic a convertible – a car with a roof that can accessible up. 

Ma-ma-bo-ee is acquired from “mama’s boy” and carries the aforementioned acceptation as the English term. It refers to a man who is abject to his mother and would do annihilation to amuse her.

A ma-ma-bo-ee usually fails to act apart and depends on his mother to accomplish decisions for him. 

If you go into an accessories boutique in Korea allurement for a hairband, you ability not get what you’re attractive for. Hye-eo-baen-deu agency “hair tie”, rather than a adamant horseshoe-shaped bandage of artificial or metal that holds your beard back. The Korean appellation for “hair tie” is 머리끈 (meo-ri-kkeun), while “hairband” – or “headband” – is accepted as 머리띠 (meo-ri-ddi).

That said, the appellation “hairband” in English can additionally be acclimated to accredit to adaptable beard ties.

Image credit: P NATION

In an image-conscious association like Korea, you’re apprenticed to apprehend bodies talking about ba-di-ra-in – “body line”. The Konglish appellation is acclimated to point out someone’s amount – or added specifically, the curve that their anatomy creates. 

When you say that addition has a nice “body line”, it agency that that actuality has an ideal anatomy with nice curves and angles. Another aberration of this appellation is 몸선 (mom-seon).

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12+ Fantastic Ideas Cute Zero Two Fanart – Lee Dii | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea

Deo-chi-peh-ee is a adaptation of “Dutch pay” in English and describes the act of agreeable the bill so that individuals can pay for their own share. 

In English, we would usually say, “Let’s go Dutch”. In Korean culture, however, bodies don’t usually go Dutch and would booty turns to pay during abstracted occasions.

This Konglish appellation sounds like the English chat “overeat”, but it absolutely refers to the act of puking. The acceptation of oh-ba-ee-teu comes from puking due to overeating. However, bodies use the Konglish appellation as a accepted description of addition vomiting, behindhand of the cause. 

Image credit: Club in Korea

Koreans use na-ee-teu, or “night”, aback allurement others to go on a night out.

O-ba-ha-da is acquired from the English chat “over”, and is acclimated aback addition is actuality extra. A agnate Korean argot chat is MSG (em-eh-seu-ji), which is the acronym of “monosodium glutamate”. Both agreement are acclimated to call a bearings area addition exaggerates or embellishes a adventure – aloof like abacus MSG to a bowl – for added flavour.

“Panty”, in English, refers to underpants for women and children. However, this Konglish chat is absolutely a gender-neutral appellation for underpants in Korea. The blazon of paen-ti is disconnected into 2 subcategories – 남성팬티 (nam-seong-paen-ti) for macho underwear and 여성팬티 (yeo-seong-paen-ti) for changeable underwear.

Image credit: @kopular

We exercise and alternation at the gym to be healthy, and that’s absolutely why a gym is accepted as hel-seu-jang in Korea. It is formed by accumulation “헬스” (hel-seu; health) and “장소” (jang-so), the closing of which agency “place”. 

The Konglish appellation anon translates to “health place”. Some bodies additionally accredit to the gym as 헬스 클럽 (hel-seu-keul-reob), which is “health club” in English. 

Reo-ning-meo-shin is what it sounds like – a active machine. We’re added accustomed with the English appellation “treadmill”, but the Koreans like to accumulate it simple by calling the apparatus what it’s acclimated for. 

Image credit: MBC

CC is an abridgement of the appellation “campus couple” and it’s acclimated for couples who got calm on the aforementioned campus. Initially, CC was alone acclimated for university couples, but the appellation now encompasses aerial academy and average academy couples too.

In Korea, you’ll acquisition sunscreen labelled as 선크림 (seon-keu-rim) or 썬크림 (sseon-keu-rim). Seon-keu-rim means “sun cream” in English and refers to sunscreen. Some countries, such as the UK, use the appellation “sun cream” as well.  

In Korea, basin and billiards are accepted as po-ket-bol – “pocket ball” in English.

Image credit: @mallang_teo

A-pa-teu is an abridgement of “apartment”. An accommodation in Korea is a distinct assemblage in a condominium. Apartments can alter in allowance size, starting from as baby as a one-room studio.

Because some Konglish words don’t beggarly the aforementioned affair as their English equivalent, it’s consistently acceptable to double-check to abstain awkward situations. Armed with the ability of accepted Korean argot agreement and these Konglish words, you can confidently acquaint others that you’ve levelled up your Korean. 

12+ Trends Ideas Cute Zero Two - Lee Dii
12+ Trends Ideas Cute Zero Two – Lee Dii | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea

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12+ Trends Ideas Cute Zero Two – Lee Dii | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea
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12+ Best For Cute Zero Two Profile Pics – Lee Dii | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea
12+ Trends Ideas Cute Zero Two - Lee Dii
12+ Trends Ideas Cute Zero Two – Lee Dii | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea
12+ Latest Cute Adorable Zero Two Pfp - Lee Dii
12+ Latest Cute Adorable Zero Two Pfp – Lee Dii | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea
12+ Trends Ideas Cute Zero Two - Lee Dii
12+ Trends Ideas Cute Zero Two – Lee Dii | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea
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zerotwocosplay hashtag on Twitter | Zero Two Minecraft Skin Korea

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